Building A Business Using Junk Cars To Make Money Through Scrap Metal Recycling

Junk car removal is a necessary service that you can create an entire business around, but there are many things to consider. You will need some tools and equipment to reduce the car to recyclable parts and a way to move the vehicle to the scrap yard. Once you have everything you need to do the work, you need to find cars or offer cash for junk cars to people that have them.

Getting Started

When setting up a junk car removal business, you need a place to process the vehicles to break them down so the scrap yard will take them. A shop or garage large enough to bring the car inside and provides space to work around is crucial. 

Most residential garages are not large enough for this kind of work, but if you can rent a space or have some property to build a shop, you can make it work. Keep in mind that if you are working in a space that is in a community of homes, people may not want to listen to the noise from air tools, saws, and hammers all day, so it is vital to find a location for your business that is not going to have that problem. 

Buying tools you need for your business is essential unless you already own them. It is also helpful to have a vehicle lift to support the vehicles you are working on, but it is not necessary, and you can use jacks and jack stands until your business starts to grow. 

Getting Junk Cars

When you are ready to get started, you can begin looking for junk cars to buy or haul away for the owners. Paying cash for junk cars is one option, but you may also find people that don't care about the money and merely want the car out of the yard. 

Once you work out a deal on a junk vehicle, you need to have a trailer or truck to remove the cars and take them to your shop. A car trailer with a winch will work to get started, but if you are building a junk car removal service, it is a good idea to look for a rollback tow truck that makes it easier to load and unload the cars. 

Strip all the material off the car that is not recyclable, and you can take it to a scrap yard that pays cash for junk cars to sell it for scrap weight. If the price is high for steel, most cars will net a few thousand pounds of metal you will get paid for. As you grow your business, you may want to hire a service to pick up a load of cars and haul them to the buyer with a semi-truck and trailer, but start small to maximize your profits.

For more information on cash for junk cars, contact a professional near you.