Building A Business Using Junk Cars To Make Money Through Scrap Metal Recycling

Junk car removal is a necessary service that you can create an entire business around, but there are many things to consider. You will need some tools and equipment to reduce the car to recyclable parts and a way to move the vehicle to the scrap yard. Once you have everything you need to do the work, you need to find cars or offer cash for junk cars to people that have them. Read More 

5 Maintenance Tips For Longer-Lasting Tires

Driving on old or damaged tires can be dangerous in worst-case scenarios. The wrong driving and maintenance habits can lead to premature aging and damage of your tires, thus shortening their life and costing you more in the long run. The following maintenance tips can help you prolong tire life while also maintaining the safety of your vehicle.  1. Pressure Checks Maintaining proper pressure in your tires extends tire life, improves gas mileage and vehicle handling, and results in a smoother ride. Read More