Damaged Windshield? Know What Happens When It Is Replaced

Do you have a windshield that has a crack in it, and it has expanded so large that it is now obscuring your vision when driving? This is a good reason to have your windshield replaced with a new one. Here is what will happen during the windshield replacement process. 

Vehicle Preparation

Any professional that is replacing your windshield is going to take care when putting the new one in. You can expect steps to be taken to protect the rest of your vehicle from being damaged in the process. This can include putting a covering over the hood of your vehicle, placing floor mats and seat covers in your car, and other things of that nature.

In addition, a lot of things will need to be temporarily removed from the vehicle before they can even get started to ensure that they are not damaged. For example, the rearview mirror will need to be replaced, as well as anything attached to the dashboard that can get in the way. The windshield wipers will need to be removed, and any panel near the hood will come off as well.

Adhesive And Windshield Removal

The old adhesive around your windshield will need to be removed. This is done using a special tool that gets between the windshield and adhesive to break the shield without causing any damage to the vehicle. Suction cup mounts can then be used to lift the old windshield off of your vehicle where the glass can be recycled. Now that the old windshield is gone, any adhesive left along the border of where the windshield once was will be removed so that the area can be prepped for the new windshield. 

Primer And Adhesive Application

The new windshield will need to have a primer placed along the edges of the glass, and new adhesive will be placed along the edges of your vehicle where the glass sits. This adhesive is quick-drying, so it shouldn't take very long for the windshield to form a good seal. Suction cups are once again used to lift the windshield up and place it in the correct place. 

Part And Accessories Installation

Once everything is installed and working properly, all of the parts and accessories will be put back on your new windshield. This includes the adhesive used to attach your rearview mirror, your windshield wipers, and any panels that were removed earlier.